Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Autumn Term

Our topics are Marvellous Me and Let's Celebrate


In the Autumn Term we will be learning all about ourselves, our families and our feelings. We will be creating self-portraits, family portraits and settling in to our new classrooms. We will also be learning all about different celebrations including our birthdays, bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Diwali and Christmas.


Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.



We will following Drawing Club and Poetry Basket for our writing sessions. We will also be writing our names, matching the initial sounds to pictures and tracing our class animals. In literacy will also be learning to write CVC words and making a list for a magic potion, writing instructions and birthday cards and learning all about the Nativity Story. 



In maths we will follow the White Rose Hub planning where we will be will matching, sorting and comparing. We will talk about measure and patterns as well as looking at shapes and numbers 1-5. Some children will be looking at place value and addition and subtraction.


 Communication and Language

The children will be beginning to express their own opinions and articulate their own thoughts and ideas. We are also following the Nottinghamshire Nursery Rhyme Progression and will be learning a new Nursery Rhyme each week.


Social, Emotional Development

 We follow the SCARF scheme and this term we are completing the 'All about Me' and 'Valuing Difference' unit. The children will looking at what makes us special and their feelings. We will also be participating in Take 5 and THRIVE sessions.


Physical Development

We will be participating in PE sessions delivered by our Coach Mr Wood as well as sessions from our PE scheme complete PE. The children will be showing increased control and become more confident and proficient in their movements and using equipment. The children will be participating in team building games and gymnastics.


Understanding the World

Within Understanding the World we will be covering History, Geography, Science, Computing and RE challenges. This half term we will exploring their own life, the human body, their immediate environment, animals, understanding things that are the same and different and what to do when they are worried.  In RE we will learning about families and different celebrations.


Expressive Arts and Design

We will be following the KAPOW scheme for our music sessions and we will be celebrating with music. In Art we will be looking at the artist Van Gough. The children will experiment with different instruments and their sounds as well as textures and mixing different colours. In D&T we will be learning about a healthy diet.