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Nurture Den

Nuture Den

We are fortunate to be able to offer nurture sessions for individuals and small groups of children staffed by our SEMH (Social Emotional Mental Health) lead and THRIVE practitioner Mrs S. Coupe.



The Den offers short term, focused, intervention strategies, which addresses barriers to learning arising from social, emotional and or behavioural difficulties, in an inclusive, supportive manner.


Children continue to remain part of their class group but benefit from weekly sessions for a half term block in the Nurture Den.


Mrs Coupe creates an attractive, safe, structured environment where building trusting relationships are core to the approach.


The children are carefully selected according to their individual holistic profile of needs, whilst also ensuring the establishment of a cohesive nurture group.


Mrs Coupe plans and provides a variety of experiences, opportunities, approaches and resources to address these individual and group needs within a culture of trust, understanding and knowledge incorporating the 6 principles of nurture, with progress closely monitored.


Six principles of nurture group

Learning is understood developmentally

The classroom offers a safe base

The importance of nurture for the development of well-being

Language is a vital means of communication

All behaviour is communication

The importance of transition in the lives of children