Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Our Geography Subject Leads are:


Miss L. Hughes and Miss C. Harley


Link Governor - Mr D. Rennison

World Geography Day



The children have enjoyed our world Geography day in school learning about Countries, Capital cities and animals. 


Here are some comments the children made throughout the day!



Isabelle: ''These animals have fur and can live in a cold place''.


Maisie: ''They live where it is hot''. 


Ronnie: ''I've made a pyramid - You'd find it in Africa''.


Heath: ''Big Ben is in London - the capital city of England''.


Eden: ''Dresses up warm because she's going where it is cold''.


Reuben: ''I'm finding Japan''.


Lottie: ''I'm finding Greece- I go there on holiday''.


Sam: ''I've made Big Ben - It's in London''.


Harrison: //I'm going where the polar bears are, it's cold there''.


Harry: ''They aren't snow animals. They need to go in the sun''.


Eden: ''I'm going to the hot dessert and the hat will protect me from the sun''.


Harrison: ''Taking ice to the dessert because there is no water there and i'll need a drink''.