Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Rainbow Rules Award

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been selected for our Rainbow Rules Award! 


Keep up the good work!


Week ending: 26/05/2023


Rhinos: Charlie


Bears: Cameron


Giraffes: Lottie-Mae


Lions: Lily


Elephants: Rory


Honeybees: Elodie


Jellyfish: Lottie





Week ending: 19/05/2023


Rhinos: Joel


Bears: Ethan


Giraffes: Sadie


Lions: Arla


Elephants: Daisy


Honeybees: Isabella


Jellyfish: Teddie





Week ending: 12/05/2023


Rhinos: Pattie


Bears: Bede


Giraffes: Alfie


Lions: Phoebe


Elephants: Emilia


Honeybees: Ellis


Jellyfish: George





Week ending: 05/05/2023


Rhinos: Kyla


Bears: Ben


Giraffes: Arthur


Lions: Gracie


Elephants: Mason


Honeybees: Leo


Jellyfish: Logan





Week ending: 28/04/2023


Rhinos: Tristan


Bears: Ethan


Giraffes: Ronnie


Lions: Luna


Elephants: Ayaan


Honeybees: Esme


Jellyfish: Alfie-Lee





Week ending: 21/04/2023


Rhinos: Charlie


Bears: Ella


Giraffes: Harry


Lions: Zavian


Elephants: Connor


Honeybees: Eliiott


Jellyfish: James




Week ending: 31/03/2023


Rhinos: Tasmin


Bears: Ethan


Giraffes: Frances


Lions: Freddie


Elephants: Luna


Honeybees: Kristens


Jellyfish: Owen




Week ending: 24/03/2023


Rhinos: Neave


Bears: Adela


Giraffes: Harrison


Lions: Isabella


Elephants: Harriett


Honeybees: Taylor


Jellyfish: Victoria





Week ending: 17/03/2023


Rhinos: Nancy


Bears: Nathan


Giraffes: Ashton 


Lions: Quinn


Elephants: Oliver


Honeybees: Eliott


Jellyfish: Emily





Week ending: 03/03/2023


Rhinos: Noah


Bears: Cody


Giraffes: Maisie


Lions: Louie


Elephants: Sylvester & Amelia


Honeybees: Ivy-Belle


Jellyfish: Summer





Week ending: 10/02/2023


Rhinos: Joseph AR


Bears: Charlie


Giraffes: Lyra


Lions: Ameilia


Elephants: Evie


Honeybees: Eleanor


Jellyfish: Jade





Week ending: 03/02/2023


Rhinos: Nyla


Bears: Jayden


Giraffes: Lucy


Lions: Grace




Honeybees: Max


Jellyfish: Zac




Week ending: 27/01/2023


Rhinos: Amelia


Bears: Darcy


Giraffes: Norah


Lions: Aria


Elephants: Beau


Honeybees: Erin


Jellyfish: Amelia M





Week ending: 20/01/2023


Rhinos: Jeremy


Bears: Rory


Giraffes: Amber


Lions: Cody


Elephants: Heidi


Honeybees: Bella


Jellyfish: Frankie




Week ending: 13/01/2023


Rhinos: Ollie


Bears: Priya


Giraffes: Abigail


Lions: Oliver


Elephants: Jaxon


Honeybees: Billy


Jellyfish: Dixie




Week ending: 16/12/2022


Rhinos: Connor


Bears: Alfie


Giraffes: Jasper


Lions: Willow


Elephants: Ollie


Honeybees: Carter


Jellyfish: Effia




Week ending: 09/12/2022


Rhinos: Sophie


Bears: Chloe


Giraffes: Erynn


Lions: Arla


Elephants: Jace


Honeybees: Taylor


Jellyfish: Ezra




Week ending: 02/12/2022


Rhinos: Freya


Bears: Winter


Giraffes: Callum-Jake


Lions: Gracie


Elephants: Connor


Honeybees: Erin


Jellyfish: Faith




Week ending: 02/12/2022


Rhinos: Freya


Bears: Winter


Giraffes: Callum-Jake


Lions: Gracie


Elephants: Connor


Honeybees: Erin


Jellyfish: Faith




Week ending: 25/11/2022


Rhinos: Esme


Bears: Nathan


Giraffes: Scarlett


Lions: Lilly


Elephants: Oliver


Honeybees: Edward






Week ending: 18/11/2022


Rhinos: Missy


Bears: Oliver


Giraffes: Theo


Lions: Cody


Elephants: Rio


Honeybees: Bella


Jellyfish: Leo




Week ending: 11/11/2022


Rhinos: Beau


Bears: Spencer


Giraffes: Ellysia


Lions: Joshua


Elephants: Ryan


Honeybees: Athena


Jellyfish: Oliver





Week ending: 04/11/2022


Rhinos: Alice


Bears: Emilie


Giraffes: Safiya


Lions: Grayson


Elephants: Dollie


Honeybees: Bobby


Jellyfish: Karla-Maria





Week ending: 13/10/2022


Rhinos: Jackson


Bears: Saffire


Giraffes: Bella


Lions: Quinn


Elephants: Lunar-Rae


Honeybees: Ayda


Jellyfish: Rosa





Week ending: 07/10/2022


Rhinos: Fearne


Bears: Myla


Giraffes: Lonrenzo


Lions: Louie


Elephants: Dexter


Honeybees: Billy


Jellyfish: Amelia C




Week ending: 30/09/2022


Rhinos: Riley-James


Bears: Franchezka


Giraffes: Heath


Lions: Akhil


Elephants: Sophia


Honeybees: Eliott


Jellyfish: Harry





Week ending: 23/09/2022


Rhinos: Freddie


Bears: Evie


Giraffes: Reuben


Lions: Charlotte


Elephants: Beau


Honeybees: Matilda


Jellyfish: Eissa






Week ending: 16/09/2022


Rhinos: Faith


Bears: Alex


Giraffes: Esmae


Lions: Zavian


Elephants: Leonard


Honeybees: Elias


Jellyfish: Charlie F





Week ending: 09/09/2022


Rhinos: Annie


Bears: Peyton


Giraffes: Eden


Lions: Phoebe-Grace


Elephants: Lena


Honeybees: Joshua


Jellyfish: Charlie D