Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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• What training have staff had and what is planned?

We aim to keep all school staff up to date with relevant training and developments in teaching practice, in relation to the needs of pupils with SEND. Whole staff training is carried out on a regular basis to increase staff’s knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics related to special educational needs and disabilities. 

Training is made available for whole staff or targeted at specific groups, such as; governors, midday staff, TA’s etc. This is accessed through the Local Authority, Family of schools or through in-house training.    

Recent training that staff have had related to SEND includes:

 *Attention Autism

* Identifying children with SEND

* Working memory

* Diabetes

* Safe handling and coping with Risky Behaviour

* 123 magic (behaviour strategies)

* The four aspects of SEND with a focus on Sensory needs

* B Squared

* Arrow

*Being a Dyslexia Friendly School

* Lego therapy

* Drawing and play therapy

*Emotional Regulation strategies

*Chatter speech and language therapy

*Fun fit