Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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What kinds of special educational needs does our school make provision for?

Nettleworth Infant School and Nursery is a mainstream School within the Nottinghamshire County Council Education Authority.   

We are an inclusive school, recognising that some children and young people at times may need something additional to or different from what we provide for the majority of children; this is special educational provision. 

Around 5% of our school population are currently identified on the SEND register as having a special educational need and have a have a Support Plan (IEP). We also have 9% of our children identified as ‘SEND aware’. These are children who have been identified by class teachers for working below expectations, slowing in progress or who have been taken off our SEND register previously and who requires some further support and monitoring. These children usually have a provision map in place with targets to work towards. When combined we have a total of 14% of children with additional needs. On reflection, the pandemic lockdowns have presented further issues across school when children returned (areas identified mainly are SEMH and speech, communication and social interaction) however all children have been assessed and supported as individuals and personalised provision has been put in place with SEND interventions. These are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Whilst many factors contribute to the range of difficulties experienced by some children, we believe that to overcome their difficulties, much can be done through the support of parents, teachers and pupils working together. 

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion is always a priority at Nettleworth Infant School and Nursery. All staff and the Governing Body are highly committed to inclusion and the principles outlined in our SEND policy; working hard to ensure that provision is made for those who need it and that all children are given the opportunities to be the best they can be.