Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Take 5 Approach


Since the return to school on 9th March, we have become increasingly aware of the significant impact lockdown may have had on the mental health and well-being of our Nettleworth children and families. 


As a result, we intend to increase the focus on implementing ‘Take Five’ across school.  This is a whole school mindfulness and resilience building programme, which focuses on learning breathing techniques, grounding and awareness.


Each class in school will plan in their daily timetable a ‘Take Five’ activity to help our children to develop strategies for calming down and for when things may overwhelm them. The aim is that children will learn to use these strategies independently as needed when at home or in school to enable them feel stronger and more resilient.


As the children become familiar with the ‘Take Five’ techniques, we will be asking some of the children to create their own ‘Take Five’ videos to share on our website. 


If you require more information on the ‘Take Five’ Programmes please visit


Meet our Take 5 Ambassadors



Our ambassadors are going to take you through some essential breathing techniques to help calm you down.