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Welcome to the cool crocodiles class!

Our teacher is Miss Shaw.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Osborne.


We are thrilled to be able to keep you up to date with all of our important learning. 


Our PE days are Mondays and Thursdays!

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days including plimsolls or trainers.

Hello to the wonderful Crocodiles Class One!

I hope you’re all being helpful and considerate at home and trying your best to complete some of your home learning. We’ve started the learning/activity diaries at school this week and I’m really looking forward to reading what you have been up to wherever you are too.

Don’t forget to play the fun, cool maths games because you are all becoming marvellous maths magicians so keep it up…I will be practising and doing my work too.

Keep safe and maybe you could perform some acts of kindness too as we do in our classroom. Missing you all and hopefully I will see you soon!

Keep smiling and making others smile – remember our class message “Good things happen to good people!”

Miss Shaw & Miss Osborne.



Please see below our weekly challenges for you to complete...…..

English quiz 1


Add 1 or 2 adjectives into each gap to improve the sentence. The better the adjective, the more points you get.


1. The _____ boy washed his hands with the _____ soap.

2. The ____ sunshine shone down on the _____ flowers. 

3. My ____ dog ran in the _____ mud.

4. The _____ tiger chased the _____ girl.

5. My ____ car was stuck behind the ____ tractor.




Harry Potter Maths 1


1. Harry collected 33 chocolate frog cards and Ron collected 25. How many did they have altogether?


2. Dumbledore had 45 sherbet lemons in a jar on his desk. He ate 22 of them.  How many did he have left?


3. Hermione practised 3 new spells every day from Monday to Friday. How many new spells had she practised that week?


4. Hagrid was feeding the 3 dragons ready for the Goblet of Fire challenge. He had 21 pieces of meat and shared them out equally. How many pieces of meat did they each get?


5. Dobby had been collecting socks since he had been freed. He decided to give some away to his 4 best friends. He shared 24 socks out equally, how many did each friend get? 


Week commencing 24.02.2020

 Class One Crocodiles have been extremely busy as usual in all our school topics, trying to do our best in our Florence Nightingale hot seating to help us to understand her life and experiences, the acting deserved and Oscar!

Our Spain WOW learning day starting with an ‘OLE!’ as class one did some fabulous flamenco dancing, sun bathing on a Spanish beach catching the local sea food, writing postcards from major Spanish cities and creating some wonderful artwork in the style of Pablo Picasso – what talent we have!!!

Finally, we are also getting much more confident in our P.E. activities, especially in team games or practising our ball skills such as catching, throwing and dodgeball. Olympic superstars in the making…Well done everyone!


Week commencing 02.03.2020

 Class One Crocodiles have really enjoyed our plants science, finding out the parts of the plant, how it survives and then planting our very own to keep a plant diary and watch it grow.

We have been calculating and matching fractions of numbers and shapes and are getting rather good at it!

Our budding weather forecast reporters have started their daily weather predictions for the UK. Everyone gets to have a go and we have recorded them so Carol Kirkland from BBC News – watch out!

Some huge congratulations to Ellie-Mae for winning Mr Woods Sports Certificate along with Harry and Adam for being so brilliant and begin our learning stars of the week.

…Well done on another productive week! Loving those PJs for World Book Day…


Week commencing 09.03.2020

Sport, fun and fitness were the order of the day on Monday as we started the week raring to go and take on the Sports Relief activities to raise money. There were fitness challenges in the hall and then football skills and matches on the astro turf. We looked just like the professionals…

It was the launch of British Science week across school so we created our diverse planet posters to promote living in a happy and healthy world. We discussed how we can celebrate the diversity it brings and protect ourselves and the environment as much as possible. We can all do our bit to conserve and sustain it.

Class One really enjoyed The Palace Theatre visitors as it appeals to our drama and performing talents. It was based upon a book called Emily Brown and the Thing and we recreated some of the movements and scenes from the story.