Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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• How will the curriculum and learning be matched to my child’s needs?

We aim to make appropriate provision to overcome all barriers to learning and ensure pupils with SEND have full access to the Early Years Foundation Curriculum or National Curriculum. This will be co-ordinated by the SENDCO and class teacher, and will be carefully monitored and regularly reviewed in order to ensure that individual targets are being met and all pupils’ needs are catered for. 

The class teacher and class teaching assistant remains responsible for working with your child on a day-to-day basis. They will plan and work closely with teaching assistants to provide a suitable package of support. This support may be provided in class by the teacher or TA, or may involve the child being withdrawn for additional intervention, group or individual support.  Interventions may be delivered in small groups or on a 1:1 basis. The interventions that we currently deliver are tailored to meet the needs of individuals and develop skills in maths, reading, writing, phonics and speech, language and communication, THRIVE (a bespoke programme of support which helps children’s emotional development) and also access to Fun Fit, which supports children who have coordination difficulties. 

Each class teacher maps the provision that they make for all pupils who receive additional support on a termly basis. Where a pupils needs are significant, and require a number of different interventions or specialist support, a SEND support plan is put in place. The plan put in place will be closely monitored by the SENDCO, and adjusted where necessary to meet the needs of individuals and groups of pupils. 

We also offer Lego Therapy, Play Therapy, Meet and Greet, Self-Esteem Therapy, Build a World and Art Therapy, Forest Schools outdoor learning and Chatter speech and language therapy, of which many pupils with SEND access in response to need throughout the year.