Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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• How will my child be included in activities in and outside the classroom, including school trips?

All children are encouraged to take part in out of class learning and appropriate support will be put in place to allow all pupils to access after school clubs, lunch time activities and school visits, wherever possible.  

The school works hard to ensure that pupils with disabilities participate fully in school life. Disabled pupils attend all school trips, ensuring that risk assessments take into account additional resources and adjustments that need to be made. Staff liaise closely with parents during the planning stages, to ensure the appropriate provision and support is in place for the visit, and hopefully provide peace of mind for parents. 

Additional support is provided at break and lunch times, for those pupils who find the less structured parts of the day difficult, through the use of ‘Buddies’, teaching assistants and additional midday supervisory staff.