Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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How are decisions made about the type and amount of support my child will receive?

Decisions about the type and amount of support a pupil may receive are made based on the individual needs of each child. Decisions are usually made by the class teacher in conjunction with the SENDCO.  Further valuable support is provided from consultation and guidance from experts in different areas of SEND support (Social and Emotional, Physical and Sensory, Cognitive and Learning, Communication and Interaction) which is followed as part of our extensive graduated response at school level.

A small number of pupils with SEND may require access to additional funding to help support them effectively within the classroom. This additional funding is accessed through a budget which is devolved to, and moderated by the Family of Schools (Our Family of Schools comprises of The Manor Family of Schools) and is allocated on an annual basis. For those pupils with the most complex needs the SENDCO will refer individual applications to a multiagency panel (called the HLN panel) which is administered by the Local Authority. The panel meet termly, and determine whether the complexity of need meets the threshold for this level of funding. The decision to apply for additional funding is made by the school SENDCO in collaboration with the Family SENDCO and the Head Teacher.