Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Forest Schools

Forest Schools


Here at Nettleworth, we are working towards the accreditation of becoming a 'Forest Schools' School.


What are Forest Schools?


  • Forest Schools are nature-based communities where trained practitioners nurture learner-led exploration and discovery, nurturing meaningful experiences for positive lifelong impacts.
  • Wellbeing is the foundation of our practice and through recognising the social, emotional and physical needs of participants we provide the guidance and facilitation for our time in nature.
  • Through creating learner inspired experiences based on exploration and discovery, we recognise opportunities to mentor holistic growth over the course of long-term programmes.
  • In developing the community, we nurture a culture based on collaboration and of embracing challenge so that we can allow, over time, for the blossoming of character, resilience and empathy, and for a greater sense of connection, with nature and for our shared future.



Physical and emotional wellbeing.

Social skills, communicating, negotiating, problem solving.

Fine and gross motor development.

Self esteem, confidence.

Awareness of own and others needs.

First hand experience, develops independence and responsibility. 

Strategies in order to take risks in a controlled environment.

Resilience and perseverance.