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Engagement and Feedback

Engagement and Feedback with Remote Learning


The children’s work completed and submitted via Evidence Me or the child’s year group email and their progress will be monitored daily over the course of the week by the class teacher and/or TA.  This will be done through weekly phone calls, the use of Evidence Me and checking the year group emails.


The child’s year group email and Evidence Me will be monitored during term time by the class teachers or TAs from Monday to Friday during the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm any work submitted after 4.00pm will be marked the next working day.


The school teachers will be monitoring each day who is submitting work on a regular basis. A discussion with a parent/carer of a child who is not submitting work will be made and the class teacher will then aim to work together with the parents/carers to rectify this.


We will contact those parents that we do not hear from to check on their welfare and safety.  This may include contacting vulnerable children and families on a more regular basis.  Staff will continue to use CPOMS to record any safeguarding incidents or concerns.  Staff will consider the online safety policy at all times.


Teachers will not be expected to contact parents over the school holiday, before 9.00am and after 4pm, during weekends unless it is a matter of urgency and is agreed with the Head Teacher.