Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Welcome to Nettleworth Nursery!



We have five groups of children in nursery - three in the morning and two in the afternoon.


Our groups are called Mrs Dunn’s Dolphins (morning and afternoon), Mrs Hubbard’s Hedgehogs, Mrs Stafford’s Squirrels and Mrs Keeling’s Koalas.




In our nursery we learn through play, both indoors and outside in our amazing nursery garden.

As we play we make new friends, learn to take turns and share, listen to instructions, talk about our experiences, explore new things and most of all, we have fun!



Over the term we will be covering all of the seven Foundation Stage Areas of learning.


Communication and Language

We will be speaking and listening to others' ideas and sharing our own ideas with our friends and our families.

We will also be telling our own stories and acting them out.



Every day we enjoy Nursery Rhymes, with lots of fun actions. These are brilliant at helping children to look and listen, developing their speech and language, and preparing them for reading. This year we will be taking part in the Book Trust Rhyme Challenge.




Physical Development

During ‘Funky Fingers’ we will be practicing a variety of skills, for example threading and cutting, to develop our fine motor skills. We will also take part in ‘Fun Fit Friday’ to develop our gross motor skills, including balancing, coordination and throwing and catching.



When we ‘Squiggle while you wiggle’, we will begin to mark-make letters on large pieces of paper as we listen to music. We will continue to practise copying the letters in our names and make purposeful marks in our Floor Book.




Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Over the year we will support children to co-operate, take turn turns, develop confidence, resilience and independence, show concern for feelings of others and follow rules through in the moment discussions, planned adult led activities and child initiated activities.





We will be looking in depth at our shared stories and will practise joining in with the repeated refrains in the books. We also listen to stories linked to our Topic. This half term our topic is 'All About Me!' Our special stories this half term are ‘Come on, Daisy!’, ‘Owl Babies’, ‘Goat Goes to Nursery’ and ‘It’s Okay to be Different’.





Maths is part of our daily routine in nursery. We use every opportunity to count and look for familiar numbers.

Each day we count the number of children on our group and find the number on the number line.

We also have interactive counting songs to join in with too!

This term we will focus on a number each week so that the children gain a good understanding and knowledge of each number.

We love to watch the NumberBlocks, and the characters help us to understand about each number.

We will be counting, recognising, forming and beginning to order numbers.



Understanding the World

Indoor and outdoor experiences will provided through a variety of teacher led and child initiated activities, with opportunities for children to explore and extend their learning.

Next steps will be established as will the children’s interests so that our learning is engaging and fun!



Expressive Arts and Design

Over the term, we will be using a variety of techniques and equipment to make different models and pictures.

We will be learning about colours and begin to explore the effects of mixing colours together.

We will also be dancing and making music, creating our own stories and acting them out with our friends.



As you can see, we have a busy term ahead of us in our nursery.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Foundation Stage team.

Please regularly check your child's Evidence Me account to keep up to date with their learning and to share what they have been doing at home with us too.

Thank you for all your help and support!