Nettleworth Infant and Nursery School

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Autumn Term

Our topic this term is 'London's Burning'




In English this term we will be looking at the traditional tale of “The Gingerbread Man”. We will be focusing on the key criteria needed for instruction writing and will be having a go at writing our own set of instructions to make gingerbread men!

We are really excited to introduce the children to the fantast story of “Leon and the Place Between”. We will be doing lots of work around vocabulary including adjectives and expanded noun phrases. The children will be learning about different circus acts and developing their own circus act for Leon to go and see!

As a class we will also be learning and performing poetry. We will be looking at poems from “Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum” and “Heard It in the Playground”.

During Christmas we will be looking at a video stimulus to aid our writing. We will be focusing on the Marks and Spencer 2016 advert “Christmas with love from Mrs Claus”. We cannot wait to share this with the year and get them to do some fabulous letter writing!



In maths this term we will be focusing on place value and addition and subtraction.

During our place value unit we will be focusing on recognising the amount of tens and ones in 2 digit numbers and learning to partition numbers to 100. We will be comparing numbers using the terminology more than, less than and equal to and will use the symbols < > and = to represent this. We will also be practising our 2, 5 and 10s times tables and introduce counting in 3’s.

When teaching about addition and subtraction we will be looking at number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. We will be teaching the children fact families and adding and subtraction 1 and 2 digit numbers. The children will be shown how to use apparatus such as diennes to help them add and subtract numbers as well as show this pictorially using jottings.



Our science focus this term is materials. We will be revisiting what materials different objects are made from and the properties of different materials. We will be investigating how materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We will also look at the suitability of different materials for a specific job such as a chocolate for a teapot or a drum made from sponge.


Art and design

In art we will be learning about primary and secondary colours and how to mix our own colours. We will look at tones and shades by adding black and white. We will be studying the artist Wassily Kandinsky and will be having a go at making a piece of artwork in his style.



In computing we are following the “Kapow” scheme.

We will be looking at the unit “what is a computer?” When picturing a computer, thoughts are often of a screen, mouse and keyboard. This unit explores exactly what a computer is by identifying and learning how inputs and outputs work, how computers are used in the wider world and designing their own computerised invention.

In Autumn 2 we will be focusing on the unit “algorithms and debugging”. It will include a combination of unplugged and plugged-in activities to develop an understanding of; what algorithms are, how to program them and how they can be developed to be more efficient and an introduction of loops.


Design and Technology

We will be looking at a range of bridges and relating it to the London bridge which burned down during the Great Fire of London. We will be setting the children the challenge of building a bridge made from only paper based materials to hold a toy car suspended between two tables.



In geography we are going to be learning about the seven continents and five oceans. The children will be investigating where on a map and globe the continents and oceans are.



We will be studying the very exciting event of the Great Fire of London! We will be learning all about the events leading up to the fire, about Samuel Pepys and his diary as well as how the fire changed the history of London forever and what we have learned from it.



In music we will be following the “Charanga” scheme of work. We will be looking at the unit Ho! Ho! Ho!. The children will learn songs off by heart, find the pulse in different pieces of music, express their opinions on whether like or dislike different songs and play instruments in time with music.



We are very lucky to have KIXX join us again this year for some amazing footballing skills! They will be joining us every Friday for our PE sessions.

On Tuesdays we will be taking part in gymnastic sessions and multiskill sessions. The children will be learning about different balances and different ways of travelling. As well as developing their ability of throwing and catching.



In RE we will be looking at the topics of “Leaders” and “Believing”. We will delve into what makes a good leader and any important leaders in the children’s lives. We will look at how Moses and Saint Peter are important leaders for Christians. The children will learn about the story of Creation and Jewish peoples’ beliefs about God. They will learn about Shabbat and its importance in Judaism as well as know about how a Rabbi teaches the Jewish community about God.


Health and Relationships Ed (SCARF / PSHE)

We will be looking at the themes of “Me and My Relationships” and “Valuing Difference”. During Me and My Relationships the children will focus on bullying and teasing; our school rules about bullying; being a good friend; their feelings and self-regulation. During “Valuing Difference” the children will focus on being kind and helping others; celebrating difference; identifying people who help us and understanding the importance of listening skills.