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Values and Ethos

The School’s Values and Ethos


Here at Nettleworth the word ‘vision’ is not used glibly. We have a shared mission which unites our staff:

       Every child can succeed

            Every child is unique

            Every child has skills and talents

We want our pupils to enjoy learning and to be confident in themselves and their achievements.

We aim to motivate our pupils through creative, innovative teaching, full of enrichment and using the most up-to-date teaching methods and technology.

Pupil success lies at the heart of everything we do and our school is adaptable and flexible to the needs of the pupils who enter our school.

Our school community, pupils, staff, governors and parents are committed to pupils exceeding their expectations.


Our children define memorable learning as follows:


We think carefully and build ideas” (Year 1 pupil).


”We use iPads to learn new facts” (Year 2 pupil).

”We can learn on our own but I like it better when we learn as a group” (Year 2 pupil).

”Our lessons link our learning; we learn one thing, we go over it then we learn the next bit” (Year 1 pupil).


We always try to do our best” (Year 1 pupil).