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The Children's Welcome


''As soon as I saw my teacher I knew I felt absolutely happy because I love learning and being at school.'' Luca 


''Theres no place like school because it feels like we're at home and it's friendly and nice.'' Brandon 

''Nettleworth teaches us about kindness and helpfulness.'' Olivia 

''Geography days are an adventure, I like to learn about countries and culture.'' Maddy

''Our lessons help you to learn every single day, but you can still have fun at the same time!'' Emilia

''It's an amazing school, you learn lots of stuff! Everyone has kind manners and no one lets us down.'' Caia

If you try hard you feel delighted because your proud of your work. Rueben

''Our school is incredible. I love art lessons and look forward to them.'' Charlotte

''We can all make new friends, play with them and never ever forget them.'' Tom 

 ''We can all enjoy challenges at school. Maths is fun and it makes your brain work.'' Reggie